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Top 10 Haunted Hotels in Asia

Written By Travel on Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 4:22 AM

Haunted houses around Asia are normal feats; but haunted hotels in Asia are quite an intrigue. It would even make one wonder, who would be willing enough to stay in a lodging establishment with supernatural beings? Well, some may not consider; but for those who are adventurous enough for this experience, here is a list of the recommended destinations:

1) Grand Hyatt, Taipei

It is a first class hotel, yes; but that doesn’t mean it cannot be haunted. Many guests of this impressive hotel in Taiwan declared that they have supernatural experiences during their stays. Ghosts haunt the top floor and disturbing noises are heard from the corridors. The hotel is believed to have been built on what used to be a cemetery for World War II casualties.

2) Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

This iconic hotel is said to be haunted by its engineer, W.A. Chambers. According to stories, the chief engineer traveled to France before the hotel completed but when upon his return, the hotel was said to have been finished in an opposite direction. Because of this, he took his life and haunted the building. It is also infamous for its 26/11 terrorist attack.

3) Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

It is quite a normal feat in Baguio to encounter ghosts but it seems like those in Diplomat Hotel are extremes. Imagine seeing a headless ghost walking around the Diplomat Hotel as they carry a platter with their severed heads on it. Now that is creepy!

4) Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu, Indonesia

The extraordinary experience began with Room 308 of this hotel. The room cannot be occupied as it is for the Goddess of the Southern Sea only. Those who wish to enjoy the beach are advised not to wear green. This is because if drowning occurs, the goddess will be held responsible.

5) Yunshan Hotel Chengde

Years ago, the Manchu royalties would go to a place near Yangtze River during summer seasons to escape the heat. Years after, the 220-room Yunshan Hotel Chengde was built on the same spot. It has been repeatedly reported that guests were seeing Dowager Empress Cixi. Apparently, her attachment to her beloved garden is still intact.

6) First Hotel Bangkok

Ghost stories are not uncommon in Bangkok and one typical venue for the appearances is in First Hotel. Located in Pratunam, it is one of the more popular lodges for leisure travelers as this establishment is close to top shopping destinations like Pratunam Market and MBK Mall.

7) Asia Hotel Bangkok

Another Bangkok hotel that is reported to accommodate spirits too is the Asia Hotel. It’s probably because of the dim light rooms and quite old environment that some guests reported to have seen spirits seating in the couches in their rooms, staring at them and then vanishing in an instant.

8) Baiyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok

This 88-storey hotel is one of the contributors for the city’s impressive skyline. It is famous for providing impeccable accommodation to its guests as it is a deluxe lodging establishment preferred by many business travelers. However, it is also known for the death of three billboard installers who died after falling from the 69th floor of the building.

9) First World Hotel, Genting Highlands

One of the most haunted places in Malaysia is the First World Hotel in Genting Highlands. It is a famous resort hotel but it has been a venue for numerous paranormal activities. It is presumed that the spirits were actually souls of those who have committed suicide in the hotel after losing a lot in the casinos.

10) Buma Inn, Beijing

At night, it is believed that the Burserker (a supernatural creature in Beijing) roams around the Buma Inn. He is always angry and seeking revenge so guests do not wish to encounter him.

Perhaps, there are more hotels in Asia that are occupied by ghosts. These list is based on the past experiences of hotel guests and some stories told from locals within the area.
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